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FireBee Mini Hot Glue Sticks 30 Pcs Clear for Small Hot Glue Guns 8" Long 0.27" Diameter - B077CQGYLG

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Product Code: B077CQGYLG
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  • Package Included:30 pcs clear long mini hot melt glue sticks for small glue guns

  • Mini Size:each long hot glue stick length is 8 inches / 200 mm,the diameter is 0.27 inches / 7 mm

  • Multi Temp:Low temperature for fabric,leather,foam,jewelry and other,hign temperature for wood,metal,glass,plastic and other

  • Safe:When it melts,no bad smell,you can use it with confidence

  • Easy To Use:fast to heat up and sturdy,finish crafting,home repair and daily DIY projects quickly

  • Product Features:
    1.At room temperature is usually a solid, heated to a certain degree of melting into a , once cooled to below the melting point, and quickly become a solid (that is curing).
    2.With fast curing, low pollution, strong adhesion, adhesive layer has a certain flexibility, hardness, and a certain degree of toughness.
    3.Glue is applied to the adhesive layer which is cooled and solidified after being adhered to, and can be heated and melted again, and then changed into an adhesive body and then adhered with the adhesive.
    4.When in use, as long as the hot melt heating melt into a required, and apply in the glued object, by pressing in a few seconds can be completed within the solidifying, the softening point of hot melt adhesive in general should be more than 80℃, is heated to 80℃, colloid should begin to soften and dissolve dynamic. This temperature is only the melting temperature of hot melt adhesive, to melt to achieve the degree of use, the heating temperature also increased to 130 ~ 180℃. At this temperature, the viscosity of the colloid, fluid, viscosity, etc. are suitable for use. The degree of hardening and drying can be achieved. After the melting of light brown translucent body or the white.

    FireBee Mini Hot Glue Sticks 30 Pcs Clear for Small Hot Glue Guns 8" Long 0.27" Diameter - B077CQGYLG